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Our Vision

Harpreet K. Chadha
Founder of Learning Edge with Montessori
Masters in Literature
AMS Credentialed (Early Childhood) educator for 13 years

My work with children, families and community members has been the inspiration behind Learning Edge with Montessori. I have been on a teaching journey that started long before I had heard the term “Montessori”. My journey started with teaching College graduates, High school and Elementary school students, but I felt that I was part of an educational landscape that was incomplete. As a reflective educator, I have always felt that true education and discipline are an inside-out work, which traditional teaching methods fail to address.
My last thirteen years of classroom experience as a certified Montessori educator has given me clarity that transformation is universal and profound when the approach is right. Learning Edge with Montessori emphasizes the edge that the Montessori triangle approach has over other educational methodologies especially during a child’s formative years. The relevance of these foundational years cannot be overemphasized. In Dr. Maria Montessori’s words “The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six”.
Children in their formative years benefit from Dr. Montessori’s scientifically based method, whether they are typically developing or are demonstrating learning challenges. I have witnessed wonderful transformations unfold year after year in my classroom. The enriched and engaging Montessori environment fosters the development of a whole child —physical, social, emotional and cognitive. It instills independent thinking, love of learning, and strong work ethics that can positively impact a child for the rest of their life.


For an experienced and sensitive Montessori Educator, observation provides a lens to follow, recognize, decode and track the patterns to determine what works for the child and what doesn’t. It helps in finding new ways to meet the needs of the child and preparing an environment where the miracle of learning happens without interruption. We are mindful not to overstimulate the child.
“The first essential for the child’s development is Concentration.” - Dr. Maria Montessori
My years of work with children and families has uniquely positioned me to create programs that apply the Montessori method which I have come to love so much! We are an educational option for parents seeking a genuine learning experience for the child, during their formative years. I look forward to working together with you to serve your child. Thank you for visiting us.

To schedule a visit or learn about our programs, feel free to contact me at 443-939-2654 or

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