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Our Testimonials

When my sister and I visited the school and saw how Mrs. Harpreet interacted with her students, I knew I wanted my son in her class.  What I love most about her was that no matter where in the learning process the kids were, she respected that and focus on them as individual learners, which is very important.

Daphene Johnson

Our family had the gift of Hapreet as the teacher to our three children for three years. She is a dream teacher to any parents who desire for their kids to have a compassionate and kind example. Her love for kids is a passion. We also experienced her as a teacher first hand in the adult classes offered at our Gudwara. Hapreet's professionalism and genuine passion for the material made the experience extremely fulfilling.

Tyler & Saeliu King

My daughter loved learning with Ms Harpreet! She was our first experience with Montessori and we were so pleased. Amaya grew in her skills and confidence and came into herself beautifully under Ms Harpret's gentle guidance and instruction. She's aged out now (7) but I'd send her still if I could!

Dawn Furfaro

I highly recommend Ms. Harpreet. A teacher requires so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience, and commitment. Ms. Harpreet has all these qualities in abundance and more. You can leave your child under her guidance and care and be rest assured that they are learning, gaining confidence, and acquiring new skills. I have only good things to say about Ms. Harpreet. I am very grateful to have had her as our daughters teacher. There are times when we are solving say a math problem I remind my daughter that you have learned this in Ms. Harpreet's class. 
I am and will always be thankful that we had you in our lives. 
All the best to you and we will continue to stay in touch. Love and best wishes always.

Rakhi Rahul Kesarkar

I wanted to thank you for all of the help & support with Ryan. The changes in him are astonishing & he has a beautiful love of learning. I know that you played a large role in that. We, unfortunately, do not have a good network of family in the area, Reza's parents live in Iran, & my parents are passed away. So your help & caring nature toward Ryan really filled a gap for us.

It was a great pleasure knowing you. I know that you will continue being the great teacher & role model that you are. I'm happy that we connected, we will always remember this time in Ryan's life.

Suzanne, Reza, Ryan, Ava

I want to thank you as a mother and a teacher for all you have done for not only Kaiden, but for me and my family.

This year has been difficult for us for many reasons, but you have always met all of our concerns and requests without any hesitation.

We are blessed to have had you in Kaiden's life and schooling. He has grown in your grace and love to be as beautiful as you.

want to thank you for supporting my decision to home school Kaiden next year and offering your help. You have put my heart at ease. Please feel free to keep in touch.

My Love,

Stephanie Rice

I am not sure if I can adequately explain how grateful we are to have had you as Yunha's teacher for the past 2 yrs.

You pour your heart & soul into teaching and the result is self-evident. You played such an important role in Yunha's formative years, and we are thankful that it was you. Thank you for instilling in her the love of lie & learning. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to Yunha. We will miss you very much! Have a wonderful summer!!


Yang Yunha

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